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First: Philadelphians are prepping for what could be a really tough winter. COVID-19 cases in the region have been rising for weeks, prompting the reinstallment of certain coronavirus-related protocols.

Then: Philadelphia has all the ingredients of a city ripe for business. But it has struggled to become a business hub, and employers share what they would do to change that.

And: From football to ... football? Forget the Eagles. It’s time to focus on the Union as the MLS’s top team looks poised to grab a second trophy this season during the MLS Cup Playoffs, which start for the top-seeded squad tomorrow night.

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Philadelphians brace for a long coronavirus winter: ‘It’s a fog that surrounds us all’

With coronavirus cases soaring and hospitals filling across the region, many Philadelphians, including Germantown boutique-owner Shani Newton, are bracing for a December that might trade its usual holiday joy for worry and danger.

“I pray all the time,” Newton told my colleagues Ellie Silverman and Bethany Ao. “I just ask God to protect the city, the people you love, heal people from the disease, and wake people up to the seriousness of it.”

Silverman and Ao spoke to folks from around the region about how they’re prepping for winter, doing everything from buying extra groceries to pleading with friends and families to take COVID-19 seriously.

Here are the things that make Philadelphia one of the hardest cities to do business in

There are extra costs associated with doing business in Philadelphia. For example, Philly has high taxes, burdensome regulations, influential unions, and a workforce weakened by generational poverty, my colleagues Christian Hetrick and Joseph N. DiStefano write.

In theory, Philadelphia should be a fertile ground for attracting business. Its location at the center of the Northeast Corridor is advantageous, as is its top hospitals and universities. Plus, it’s far more affordable to live in Philadelphia than it is in Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

And, in their own words, employers explained what they thought Philadelphia should do to create more jobs.

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“If I’ve learned anything during these challenging months watching as the death toll has risen, it’s the value of spending time with loved ones. ... Not this year, though. More than 250,000 Americans have died because of COVID and infections are expected to continue surging. So, we will heed health officials’ urgings for Americans nationwide to keep Thanksgiving celebrations intimate, preferably with no one outside your household.”writes columnist Jenice Armstrong about leaning on memories of being with friends and family to get you through this Thanksgiving.

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