Have an Instagram of that mural of an Eagle gripping Tom Brady in its talons? The artist and the Mural Arts Program hope to blow up the image into a permanent, larger-than-life version.

Meg Saligman, a lifelong Eagles fan with a history of working with the program, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to make the public art display outside her Bella Vista studio a giant wall-sized endeavor, not unlike the Phillies mural seen by the Walnut Street Bridge. She's set a goal of $60,000.

Once she reaches that sum, Saligman said, the work could become the first big-art piece to honor the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl win. The Mural Arts Program says it plans to help the effort.

"Instantly, when we first painted it, we've never had a response like this," Saligman said. "It has gotten seven times more response on social media than anything I've ever done."

Saligman is responsible for a number of murals around the city, including Common Threads on Broad and Spring Garden Streets and Philadelphia Muses at 13th and Locusts Streets. Saligman and her team of about six from the studio work together to tackle the projects.

"She's a great public artist because you can relate to Meg and Meg relates to people," said Jane Golden, executive director of Mural Arts. "When I saw the image, I laughed and I called her up and I said, 'Look, we'd like to be part of this in some way.'"

Golden said she's not sure yet what Mural Arts' contribution will look like, but she expects the project to move forward. The biggest challenges, she said, include fundraising and finding a proper wall for the artwork that Saligman titled "BIRD FEED."

Golden also said the timeline for Saligman's mural is moving quicker than the Phillies mural honoring the team's 1980 and 2008 World Series championships — a project by artist David McShane that was dedicated in 2015.

"People love sports, and I think … sports can do something that art does," Golden said. "It's way to bring people together."

Saligman said she's already had four walls offered to her. She's looking to paint the mural somewhere in South Philly, and is seeking a location that is both accessible by street and visible from the highway.

Besides the fun depiction of Brady becoming prey to the national bird, Saligman said she hopes to get a bit more serious by including a section that commemorates Eagles fans who haven't lived to see the historic win. She said she's seeking feedback from fans on what they want to see in the space.

"It's an honor and it's something that we want to make sure that we do well and elegantly and that we do it for the people and fans of Philadelphia," she said.

The project has a ways to go — IndieGogo campaign has raised close to $6,000 so far — but Saligman said she's confident the mural will happen.

"I'll be wearing my Super Bowl [Nick] Foles jersey, painting every feather," she said.