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Corzine stays mum on Jackson

What does Gov. Corzine think about the reports that his chief-of-staff, Lisa Jackson, is likely headed to Washington?

He's not saying.

For days reports have circulated that Jackson is a front-runner to become President-elect Obama's Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Tuesday, as Corzine aides attempted to wrap up a press conference, I quickly asked if he would need to find a new chief-of-staff. Corzine smiled and held up his palm, like a police officer signaling a car to stop, in the universal sign for "don't go there."

He quickly took a question from another reporter.

Corzine's staff has referred questions about Jackson to the Obama transition team. Jackson herself has not taken questions since her name began to circulate as a likely EPA leader.

Before his press conference, Corzine, speaking to business leaders in Woodbridge, touched on the whispers that Jackson could join the Obama administration. In a speech on the economy he mentioned some of the measures started by Jackson at the Department of Environmental Protection, and said he hopes she stays.

The conference attendees laughed. Rumors had circulated among them that Jackson is likely to leave Trenton.

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