What would you do if the DJ put on the theme song to the hit television show Friends at your wedding?

At the first sound of "I'll be there for you", one bridal party decided to hop straight into the fountains of the Eden Resort's reception hall and dance around in their gowns and tuxedos. Soon after, videographer Cosmo Loco found himself capturing the carefree crew full-heartedly reenacting the opening credits to the TV show, a waterlogged moment they'd cherish forever.

This is exactly what Loco loves about being a wedding videographer.

"Every wedding is different and you never know what kinds of natural moments you're going to see unfold," said Loco, owner of Innovation Weddings, a 2017 Readers' Choice winner.

"I get to capture all of these moments for people to hold onto forever."

Just three years into the business, Loco is already watching his company thrive. He has almost three dozen weddings booked for this year, a number that keeps him working nearly every weekend of the summer. Yet, Loco doesn't think twice about swapping a relaxed Saturday for a ceremony of love and matrimony.

"We've gotten to capture almost every religion and seeing the different types of cultures and how they celebrate always keeps my job fun and interesting," Loco said. "Once we deliver the video, seeing the couple's excitement and their family's reactions when they post it on social media is incredibly rewarding."

Loco's love for film began early on when he first watched Jurassic Park. It led him to study the art in college, which later landed him into a 12-year career in public television. Eventually, Loco sought a change and decided to delve into the wedding industry.

"Wedding videos aren't want they used to be," Loco said. "More recently, videographers and editors have begun to make the process really creative."

With Loco's career switch, however, came a bit of adjustment. In his previous role with commercial production, Loco had the ability to reshoot if something went wrong. But with weddings, there's only one chance to capture everything and get it right.

"I was absolutely terrified," Loco said about his first few weddings. "A lot of couples have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little so you have those expectations to remind you that you can't mess up."

Today, after gaining some experience, Loco is no longer stressed when he shows up to a wedding, and he tries to encourage the couple to take the same mentality.

"You just have to relax," Loco said. "The day's going to go how it's going to go, so it's important for everyone involved to just have fun with it all."

Loco's aims to capture couples naturally, focusing on candid moments instead of staging scenes that might appear forced. Innovation Weddings strives to produce videos that are unique to each couple and that embody the personal details of their relationship.

In fact, one of Loco's favorite parts of the job is meeting new couples and learning their love stories.

"We don't produce cookie-cutter films and that's how we're able to find success in a highly competitive market," says Loco.

When not capturing "I dos" and cake smashings, Loco focuses his creative attention on a side project of a completely different genre. Currently, Loco and his business partner are working on his first feature film, set to go into production by the end of next year.

"It's going to be a thriller murder mystery with some original twists," says Loco. "It's something I've always wanted to do."