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This street party ended early

Here are excerpts from Wednesday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez. Comment from Tay: Gonzo, did you take to the streets of Philly after the Flyers won on Monday?

Here are excerpts from Wednesday's Ask Gonzo chat on with columnist John Gonzalez


Comment from Tay: Gonzo, did you take to the streets of Philly after the Flyers won on Monday?

Gonzo: No. Last time I took to the streets after a big win was the evening the Phils won the World Series. Even though I had waited my whole life for a parade, being on Broad Street the night they closed it out against the Rays was even more fun. It was a giant party.

I'm actually surprised by how subdued it was after the Flyers made the Cup. I live a block off Broad, and normally my neighborhood is pretty loud after big wins. There was a little commotion, but it was almost completely gone by 11 p.m. I got a great night's sleep, and I'd like to thank Flyers fans for that.

Comment from Dan: What are your thoughts on Doug Collins? Do you think he can transform the Sixers? What direction will he steer all of the young talent on the team?

Gonzo: I have no problem with the Collins hire. He's a good coach and a former 76er. But I don't know about him transforming the team. The Sixers still don't have a star, the defense needs to be drastically improved and they're desperate for perimeter shooting help (not named Kapono). That's a lot to fix. He'll make them better, but I don't see them winning anything significant anytime soon.

Comment from Nick: If you had one of those "History Will Be Made" commercials made about you, what event in your life would get the 30-second spot?

Gonzo: I ate an entire Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza in one sitting back when I lived in Dallas. It took me about two hours, but I did it. That's pretty much the only noteworthy thing I've done in 33 years.

Comment from Yves Québec City: [Your pick] for the Stanley Cup?

Gonzo: Pick for the Cup: The Flyers. Team of Destiny and all that. Also, as I've said before, Flyers fans frighten me and I'm trying to keep them happy. So Flyers win in three games. It's going to be an all-time record. Mark it down.

Comment from Loder: Snookie = The Baby from the old sitcom Dinosaurs.

Gonzo: That's brilliant. I never would have called upon that reference, but you're absolutely right. She has that semi-oblong shaped head just like the Baby did. Well played, sir.

Comment from Da Eugizzler: Gonzo they only charge you $50 for your haircut? That sounds cheap because of your overly large head size. . . .

Gonzo: That's a good point. If they charged based on a sliding scale for scalp surface area, I'd never be able to get my hair cut. I'd have to let it grow out like Werth.

Comment from Tay: Gonzo, would you ever get lap band surgery?

Gonzo: I weigh 165 pounds. If I had lap band surgery you'd be able to fold me up and put me in your notebook before school.

Comment from Xander: DUUUUUUUUUUDE, the Sixers aren't gonna be dumb enough to pass up Evan Turner are they?

Gonzo: DUUUUUUUDE, does it matter? I'd be happy if they take [John] Wall or Turner, but will either player make them into a championship contender?

Comment from Aaron: Thoughts on LeBron/Phil combo in Chicago?

Gonzo: I don't get how it makes sense for either of them. If you're LeBron, why go to Chicago? I understand it's a good team with quality role players, but you'd be forever in MJ's shadow. Unless he somehow won seven titles, he'd always be thought of as the second best to play in a Bulls uniform. As for Phil, coaching LeBron would be great - just not in Chi-town. He's already been there and done that.

Comment from Bryan: Thoughts on the Super Bowl in Jersey in Winter?

Gonzo: I don't have a problem with it being held in the winter, but I hate this whole New York/NJ thing. The parties will be in New York. The game will be in Jersey. Don't try to sugarcoat the geography.

Comment from Brutus Beefcake: So the [woman] only got $50 for [your] haircut?

Gonzo: I love that Brutus the Barber is weighing in on the haircut debate. You don't get that kind of celebrity participation with a Bob Ford chat.