A white Christmas, or any other day, will mean more work for Philadelphians, as City Council has mandated a new shoveling requirement. Anyone owning or occupying a building in the city has until now been liable to be ticketed for failing to shovel a path 21/2 feet wide on the sidewalks of the property within six hours of the end of a snowstorm.

On Thursday, Council approved a bill that raised the inch count by six inches, so all shovelers will now have to make a three-foot-wide path.

Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller, the bill's sponsor, said she wanted to make room for wheelchairs. Mayor Nutter is expected to sign the bill.

Yet to be seen is if the city can abide by its own requirement. City Controller Alan Butkovitz reported this summer that city properties were among the worst violators of the shoveling rule in 2009-10. - Jeff Shields