Earlier this month, when President-elect Barack Obama and most of the nation's governor's convened in Philadelphia, there was much pomp, a lot of talk, a ton of coverage and few specifics, except from Gov. Corzine.

While most of the governors and nearly all of the media gathered up for one massive press conference after the meeting with Obama, Corzine held his own gaggle outside with the Trenton press corps. He wouldn't put exact figures on the stimulus plan that might come from an Obama administration, but he got more detailed than any other state leaders that day, saying he envisioned a plan that could top $700 billion, with around $400 billion for infrastructure investment, over two years.

Now, the Washington Post reports that the Obama team is crafting at a $670 billion to $770 billion plan that could grow to $850 billion by the time it gets through Congress. Included in that amount is at least $350 billion in investments.

Sounds much like Corzine described, which sure makes it seem like he has an inside line on the administration's plans.

That could be a big asset, not just for New Jersey as it seeks a piece of the Obama plan, but also for Corzine himself as he heads into an election year in which Democrats expect fiscal credentials to be the top issue.

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