Former Phillies general manager Pat Gillick said yesterday that he would consider returning to another team to oversee baseball operations, according to a report by Buster Olney, of

ESPN The Magazine


Gillick, 72, who served as an adviser for the Phillies this year, left his GM post after the team won the World Series.

Before his time in Philadelphia, Gillick served as general manager of the Toronto Blue Jays from 1977 to '94, and the team won championships in 1992 and 1993. His name surfaced in Toronto over the weekend because the club is seeking a possible replacement for interim CEO Paul Beeston.

But Gillick said he wasn't interested in a return to the Blue Jays, or Phillies, for that matter.

"I think it's just natural that that rumor goes around, because of my connection and because I'm not fully employed," Gillick said. "There's no truth to it at all. I don't have any interest at this point."

Gillick was asked if he would ever consider running the baseball operations for another club.

"I can't say that I wouldn't," he said. "If it was the right situation, I might do something on the West Coast."