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New Jersey
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Christie: Jersey has too much government, hence corruption

Inquirer staff writer Cynthia Burton reports:

Speaking this morning in Cherry Hill, former U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie said New Jersey has so much corruption because “we just have too much government.”

Christie, who resigned Dec. 1, is taking a few weeks to figure out if he’ll fulfill the dreams of the New Jersey GOP’s establishment and run for governor against Democratic Gov. Corzine.

But this morning, he sounded a bit like his thinking is evolving from the thoughtful observations of a crime fighter to candidate or citizen working on a plank in a campaign platform.

Asked by an attendee at the breakfast sponsored by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association and Cherry Hill Regional Chamber of Commerce, he said, “I’m giving that some thought and I’m sure at some point in time I’ll have something to say about it.”

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