THE PRIMARY reason there is more interest in Adrian Peterson's pursuit of history than Calvin Johnson's is that Peterson is chasing Eric Dickerson and a playoff spot. Johnson's team is going nowhere.

Football is different, and probably better, than baseball in that regard. Individual football records are respected, but not revered like their diamond counterparts.

Quick. Who was the last batter to hit .400 in a season? Anybody who knows the difference between Tom Brady and Carol Brady knows that it was Ted Williams (.406) in 1941. That the Red Sox finished 17 games back of the Yanks is never discussed.

Football is more of a team game, and Calvin Johnson's team stinks. Peterson's Vikings are in position to grab a playoff spot, so the spotlight is shining brighter on AP. While it may not be totally fair, it is the nature of the sport.

The one portion of the population that loves what Johnson is doing is fantasy owners. We love individual accomplishments. But being the prickly bunch that we are, some will point out that Megatron needs to get into the end zone a little more regularly. His 106 receptions is one behind Brandon Marshall for the league lead, but his five touchdown receptions are tied for 24th among wide receivers. Even Cecil Shorts (seven) has more.

"They doubled Calvin on just about every play," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said after last week's humbling 38-10 loss that dropped Detroit to 4-10. "The fact that he still had 121 yards says a lot about Calvin, says a lot about [offensive coordinator] Scott Linehan's ability to still be able to get him the ball. But we severely lacked other playmakers on the field."

Maybe Johnson's record should be held in the same regard than Peterson's. It's a team game and both guys are just dominating individually.

This and that

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith (concussion) is on track to play Sunday against the visiting Giants. He's a good option as a WR3. Anything higher is too risky . . . More than 10 percent of fourth-year running back Knowshon Moreno's 2,311 career rushing yards have come in the last 2 weeks. Moreno has put together consecutive games of 119 and 118 yards with a touchdown in each . . . Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (forearm) is expected to miss his fifth consecutive game . . . San Fran's Alden Smith and Houston's J.J. Watt have 19.5 sacks each and are making a run at Michael Strahan's 2001 record of 22.5. But that record lost its luster the minute Brett Favre lay down so that Strahan could get the mark.

He said it

"You don't sleep well the night before."

- Browns cornerback Sheldon Brown on what it's like to face Peyton Manning. In Brown's only two meetings against Manning, both losses with the Eagles, Manning's teams scored 35 and 45 points.

Adds and drops

Not many, but some leagues do allow transactions in the playoffs. Here are the five most added and dropped players/units of the week, according to

Most added

1. Colts defense/special teams

2. Redskins defense/special teams

3. Panthers defense/special teams

4. Danny Woodhead, RB, Patriots

5. Sam Bradford, QB, Rams

Most dropped

1. Lions defense/special teams

2. Browns defense/special teams

3. Michael Bush, RB, Bears

4. Daniel Thomas, RB, Dolphins

5. Rams defense/special teams

Chat me up

Q: I need to pick two of these three: Mike Wallace, Marques Colston, and Hakeem Nicks. I have Brees, so Colston could be a double-up if they connect.

A: Lot of mediocrity there; I'd give Nicks a slight edge. If you want to double-up with colston, that'd be ok. But Nicks, who has a history of coming up gigantic in fantasy playoffs, would be my initial thought.

Q: Jeremy Maclin, Mike Williams or James Jones for No. 3 receiver in a PPR league? My other two spots are Calvin johnson and A.J. Green.

A: I like Williams, especially in a PPR. He is good for five or so receptions every week.